Stock Broking :

The art of investing and making profits consistently in the stock market is possible only for an informed investor. We help you be that investor. Nobody becomes a billionaire overnight. Wealth can be created only by disciplined and sound planning. We help you choose the right stock at the right time backed by our fundamental and technical research of stocks.

 Mutual Funds :

Money Market is flooded with thousands of funds. It is difficult for a layman to make investments. Often, it leads to confusion and the investor will not be able to take timely decision. He may even lose the opportunity of making investments. Opportunity lost is money lost. We are here to guide you & help you in making good investments. Through our long presence in the market, and our expertise we can suggest the right funds for you to invest in. We work hard so you can breathe easy.

 Insurance :

Today there are too many products in the market. Making a decision in taking a policy is not an easy task. You want to take a policy , but are unable to finalise where to invest, just remember us. We are here at your service. We guide you in Life Insurance, General Insurance and Health Insurance. Do not wait for the year end for the purpose of only Tax Saving. Insurance is essential for everybody.

 Government Bonds :

Governments Bonds are instruments issued by the Government of India. These Bonds yield assured returns and are very safe. We help you in making investments in these bonds. Example : RURAL ELECTRIFICATION CORPORATION which is listed on the Stock Exchanges.

We can customize the investment planning and suggest you as per your needs & requirement.

Leave the pressure to us, take only pleasure making investments.