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Markets are trading on their own without any direction, it is better to stick to stocks you know instead of following the herd. Public sector Banks can be avoided because of the negative returns they have given, private banks like City Union Bank are doing well , because of the good returns. Stocks like Mahindra ans Mahindra can be bought as it has a good performance, since long, and it has reached the lowest levels.
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City Union Bank is a kumbakonam based Bank formed in 1904. The first branch outside Tamil Nadu was in Sultanpalya in Bangalore. Now it has600 branches 1621 ATMs. the bank has been doing consistently well over the years. we had quoted at 45.50 on 3/09/2010. Now it is quoting at inr 201/an appreciation of 341% or 37.8% in 10 years. This private sector bank will go a long way in years to come.
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Marico is a good share. Nobody will stop using coconut oil. The way marico processes oil and pack it different sizes from re1 sachet to big cans, the demand will never saturate. It was inr 121/ on 18/12/2010 now it is 387/ today ie 29/08/2019 it has appreciated 29.5% per year.
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Dr.Lal Path labs; Keep an eye on this stock inr 1175 a good rate to buy, it is a diagnostic lab with more concentration in Northern India. The working is good, the good thing about the lab is there is one person to collect samples, and they have collection centres in the particular city. The results come through the net or a report is available.We had reccommended on 17/02/ 2018 at inr 865/ now at this moment quoting at 1186/ an appreciation of 37.10% 18 months an appreciation of 2.06% par month,Diagnostic labs re common but this lab, is there for a long time with good results.
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Why buy mahindra and mahindra

It is a good stock Quoting around 539/ t 1.50 pm. the automobile stock is in various sectors like commercial, defense and utility vehicles, electric cars are also being made much ahead of indian manufacturers.It is quoting at a very low rate now.
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buy Mahindra and mahindra at 540/
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Today the 27th August 2019

Markets were up today. The easing of rules to FPO by the Finance Ministry and the transfer of 1.76 trillion rupees to Gobernment by RBI have accentuated the movement in the market. Markets were expecting a stimulus, and may be it is the beggining of it. All stocks including automobiles are doing well. But it is to be seen how long market will remain positive, is it a temporary pull back?. Time will tell.
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Lal path labs aat inr 1180 we had told at inr 1057 nearly 13% appreciation in one year ie recommended on30/08/2018
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Makerspace Basic Kit Kept up to date

Makerspace Basic Kit Kept up to date Three years back I distributed my Makerspace Starter Set up (more…)
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Enchanted: Or maybe, How I Discovered to Stop Upsetting and Love the Haters

Enchanted: Or maybe, How I Discovered to Stop Upsetting and Love the Haters Howdy, my name is Orlando, fl. I am considered one of three starting members belonging to the a cappella class, Enchanted, and then the only staying founding part in the class today. Take a look at the people We call my girlftriend, and with whos I generate music. We could real humans. Exhibit A Enchanted 2016 On another note, men and women can be creeps. See Present A. I actually woke up with Thursday evening to a quite rude place on Yik Yak around the group As i helped identified and have seen grow right into a legitimate part of the Tufts affettuoso community. Currently, normally, I’d publicly concern the poster to a beat at several pm on the playground, but as I will be abroad working in london, I’ll preferably take the probability to talk about the nature of the community on Tufts, individual psychology, and what it means in order to leave behind your legacy. If you get into Tufts, the feel of intelligence is remarkable ­ basically. It’s amazing, really, however , unbelievable and even unsustainable. Matching anthropologist The boy wonder Dunbar, humankind are only really capable of keeping 150 secure relationships. Is actually unrealistic to believe that going to Tufts may result in 1300 different friends, and guaranteed to […]
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