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Today the 28th 0f february 2020.

Markets crashed by 1448 points to 38279.29 points being the sensex and the Nifty by 431.50 or 3.71% to 11.201.80. The fall was so bad,out of 2620 companies traded, Advances were 457, declines were 2011,unchanged were 153. The carona virus is causing havoc around the world. The virus, which started in China has spread to many places. It has spread to South Korea, Iran, California, and likely to cover many places. The economic losses are enormous, first Chinese production facilities are closed, and they are not working with offices closed. Lot of raw materials come from China, and it is a trading partner with many countries. Eg.. Bajaj, have got plants in China, leading to stop in production. This will in turn lead to loss of production, and no trade leading to losses. This will lead to loss in Markets share and less profits, leading fall in stock prices, we are seeing now. Some companies might benefit. As, petroleum dependent country like India will benefit as the cost of imports will go down, leading to savings in foreign exchange. Only time will tell to heal the markets from fear and the virus after effects. The virus has to be contained and then only things will improve.
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Today 22nd january 2020

Markets are dull now, because of the budget the fluctuations are more due to the usual uncertainities. February 1st the budget is going to be presented. The Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman might enhance the income tax limits. ie taxes have to be paid only when you earn more , the exemption limits are to be increased. This will lead to more investments and consumption by people, which will lead to high earnings and thereby inflating stock prices.
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Today the 17th of December 2019

Markets were at a record high today.The Nifty touched 12165 +111points and the sensex touched 41352 +413 points. Taking global cues markets rose today. The GST meet is on the 18th of December has to be looked into. The corporate tax reduced has led to an inflow of foreign funds. Banking shares rose. The foreign funds has been coming in but, penny stocks are rising which is bad, as penny stocks dont have fundamentals in them. Markets have become a play field for mutual funds and foreigners, local participation is very less.
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To Day the 10th Of December 2019

Today the Nifty was down by 80.70 points at 11556.80 and the sensex was down by 247.55 points at 40239.88 In my opinion markets have come down due to the see sawing of the markets, there was no particular reason for markets to come down, accept if SBI bad loan divergence is taken into account. Banking index fell . Otherwise generally markets are strong.The Assets under management of the Mutual fund industry rose to INR 27 lakh crore as of November, the SIP (Systematic investment plan under Mutual funds is going on well. This keeps the markets afloat and well for the time being, The alarming situation is Rakesh Jhunjhunwala may withdraw to invest $ 25 million in Yes Bank A bank being controlled by a single investor is not a god thing, Banks as I know have a limit of share holding, but a single investor causing influence in a Bank is not a good situation.
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Today the 5th of December 2019,

The Nifty was down by 24 points at 12018 and the sensex was down 70 points at 40779, the RBI policy was today rates remain unchanged. FY 2020 growth forecast cut to 5% from 6.1%. But tax cuts by the Indian Government in the run up for the budget will boost the market sentiment.Indias Nifty 50 index has surged more than 11% this year , mostly due to the surprise corporate tax cut in September 20. Markets remain in a trading range. Source Bloomberg quint and Money
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Today the 25th of November 2019

Markets were up today, The Nifty up by 159 points at 12074 and the sensex up by 530 points at 40889.The China and the USA have had positive trade talks, broad based buying in stocks is seen , Foreigners have poured in INR 17000 crores into the market,the index has breached 12000 points, indicating an upward spiral. The impending rise in telecom prices, has increased telecom stocks prices. My opinion is to be careful in selecting stocks, have a selective buying in sectors.
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Today the 8th of November 2019

Markets were down today, the Nifty falling 104 points to 11908 and the sensex falling 330 points to 40323. Markets fell as Moodys Investors services outlook changed in India. The global rating agency slashed rating outlook to negative from stable citing increased risks in business growth. Indian rupees fell a fresh 3month low and bond prices fell on friday.Nomura Research also lowered its GDP growth projections to 4% from 5.7% in 2019 and to 6.0% from 6.9% in 2020. These numbers reflect a weak market, but what is to be seen is, markets have become a day to day affair. So, it has to be seen how markets react in future. The finance ministry reacting to Moodys statement said, the fundamentals of the Indian Economy remain robust with inflation under check and bond yields low. But, in another observation the opinion is Nifty will shoot past 15000 level if the Government announces cut in income tax, one should consider sticking to a few selective stocks instead of dabbling with many shares. Ayodhya verdict next week, and the fate of Maharashtra politics will have effect on the market movement.Source: Moneycontrol web site.
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Markets today on 6-11-2019

The markets reached an all time high today. The Nifty reached a pshycological 12000 level intraday for the first time since june 11th,, it closed higher on November 6th driven by Technology stocks and private banks. The nifty reached 12000 level but ended at 11966(+48points) and the sensex closed at 40,469(+221 points.)the market cap for the entire market decreased ,leading to more stocks declining.Actually the index reached record high due to rise in large cap stocks.Infosys reached 712.40 inr a 16.40 inr price increase.Despite the whistleblower comments infosys price has not decreased, rather the order book has been strong, it is getting larger deals.It is better to select large cap stocks and stick to them, rather than selecting mid cap stocks which are risky.Source; Moneycontrol and bloomberg quint.
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Today 4th of November

The index was up by 50 points closing at 11941 and the sensex was up by 136 points closing at 40402. The sensex hit a record high. The markets are going up due to a lot of all round buying. US markets are also up, the global markets are up except Nikkei the Japanese index and Jakarta. The auto sector is showing a bit of improvement, Life insurance companies are doing well, with the improved results of insurance companies. But they seem to be highly priced, and should not be purchased immediately. Fund buying also goes on, with the high gowth in Index stocks it shows mutual funds will be buying.
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Today the 29th of October 2019.

Tax rate cut expectations pushed sensex up 600 points, samvat 2076 started on a bull run , as the nifty50 and the sensex closed above the crucial resistance level to a 4 month high on October 29 helped by short covering. The sensex rose 581points to 39831, while Nifty closed 159 points at 11,786.The market which was already trading at a positive bias picked up momentum after media reports suggested that PM Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman are planning a series of tax alignments for equities in the comingweeks in a bid to furthur boost investor sentiment, sources in the Finance Ministry and Niti Ayog said. 50 stocks closed highest level since budget. 1055 stocks advanced and 732 shares declined on NSE. A 6% growth for the whole year is expected says Mark Mobius veteran investor. Mikesh Ambani the richest person in Asia says Indias economy slowdown will reverse in coming years, and Reliance will be investing in Saudi Arabia. Mahindra and Mahindra has delivered close to 13500 vehicles on Dhanteras,the number was higher than deliveries last year.We had recommended Mahindra & Mahindra at 550/ on 27/08/2019, quoting 611.80 on Nse today. Most ideas today are sourced from Bloomberg quint and Moneycontrol.
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