Markets had a historic fall today,sensex fell by 1941 points at 35634 and Nifty fell by 538 points at 10451.Yes Bank a stock in a scandal was up by 31% crude has gone down because of low demand. The world over demand has come down. The demand is for some stocks like service oriented like diagnostic labs, like Lal Path Labs. and chemical based industries like Pidilite. Otherwise metal stocks and many other stocks have come down. What happens is, the all round drop in capital market, will pill down prices of many stocks, even those stocks which are good will come down. Demand, is to be created, but how demand is created? Automobiles and real estate are the main drivers of the economy, they are down because they were saturated. The best thing for markets to go up is, maybe small industries have to be catered in a particular area. Overproduction is not to be there, goods can be manufactured according to the requirement. Now, with overproduction in automobiles and saturation in real estate, stocks are down.