On Monday the 8th of December the promoters of Infosys sold their shares bringing their holding to 13.2% post sale. The gain was a whopping Rs 1893/ per share after nearly two decades the company was formed. The promoters 4 in number have mentioned that the shares were sold for personal gains and philanthropy which has been  well taken by the analysts and the Managing Director. But, the Markets reacted by falling by Rs 11/ the next day ie Tuesday. The scrip which was quoting at Rs 1988/ was quoting at Rs 1971/.

This obviously is not well taken by the Investors. Various doubts come into the minds of Investors regarding the confidence levels in the management of the company or is something cooking up inside the company. It is but natural, to get suspicious about the on goings inside the Company once the promoters sell their stake. though the integrity of the promoters cannot be questioned till now it will leave a lingering suspicion in the minds of Investors. Nothing is illegal in this transaction not their is anything to cry about. But, INVESTORS BEWARE of what is happening. Investors as they have put in their money should always be alert of what is happening than take things for granted.