The markets reached an all time high today. The Nifty reached a pshycological 12000 level intraday for the first time since june 11th,, it closed higher on November 6th driven by Technology stocks and private banks.

The nifty reached 12000 level but ended at 11966(+48points) and the sensex closed at 40,469(+221 points.)the market cap for the entire market decreased ,leading to more stocks declining.Actually the index reached record high due to rise in large cap stocks.Infosys reached 712.40 inr a 16.40 inr price increase.Despite the whistleblower comments infosys price has not decreased, rather the order book has been strong, it is getting larger deals.It is better to select large cap stocks and stick to them, rather than selecting mid cap stocks which are risky.Source; Moneycontrol and bloomberg quint.