Markets were down marginally today, the raising of the repo rate by the RBI has effected the Markets in a bit of a negative way. Turkey has raised interest rates to save its currency from dwindling furthur. So,Asian Markets were good. The US Federal Reserve meeting is awaited today. China has put much money into its Central Bank, so the Asian Markets went up. This Chinese development is a very bad step, were we are not seeing original growth out of Trade or Manufacturing. China has become an Economy of keeping US Bonds and  excess manufacturing, to keep its prices cheap. Situation all over is bad, the US might start its tapering as feared by all which will in turn effect all over.   With elections around the corner in India, there is uncertainity here also, with no concrete policies by the Government. Company profits are ok but, inflation has been a bane in the Economy. Keep Trading keep away from Investments . HAPPY TRADING.