Markets have a long weekend, till Monday as it is May Day being May 1st. closed from Saturday . It was a good week for the Stock Market.The Markets touched an all time high the sensex closing at 30,133 on 26/04/2017.The Nifty maintained the 9300 plus level. The French elections were a booster for the European Markets which our markets also took the cue.

According to stastistics on 27th April 2017, DIIs poured in inr 1 lakh crore.The results have been mixed ie the 4th quarter results reflecting upon the performance of the Markets on Thursday 27th April and Friday 28th April. The markets were down on both days due to Bull unwinding and mixed results. Yesterday being Thursday 27th April was the last day for Futures and Options. Today the Nifty was down by 38.1 points at 9304.05 and the sensex was down by 111.34 points at 29918.40. The Nifty was holding 9300 levels due to Banks support.Markets are down due to retail sales which is a reaction. Tata Motors is a good share hovering around inr 455 and inr 460/. Better to book profits periodically and be scrip specific in the market. HAPPY INVESTING AND TRADING.