Today Markets went up by 190 points at 23381 and Nifty went up by 60 points at 7108. Markets recovered after a initial fall and closed positively at the end. Markets are dicey with full of uncertainities so all technical analysis, does not work now as the sentiment is down. Infact the Indian condition is ok. According to Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund the oil Prices have fallen and India is saving USD 70 billion so India is falling with a parachute while other emerging Markets do not have a parachute. This saving will be put to good use by the Government and the result will be seen only after a time lag.  For a question put to Kotak Mahindra Mutual Fund if the markets are going to fall a furthur 20% they say to sell your house and buy shares.  According to Kotak Mutual fund retail investors own only 10% of equity market and with market coming down retail investors can increase their valuation in the market.

Tata Motors seems to be going up slowly, their sales of Jaguar cars from JLL their company seems to be doing well, with the Commercial activity picking up in the country trucks the main stay of Tata Motors though they manufacture cars might benefit them. But to buy with a risk as there car models are not doing well.Be alert and take care while investing if you are a long term investor it is better to buy now for a time period of 3 years. If you are a trader it is good to book profits when there is a rebound rally.HAPPY TRADING AND INVESTING.