Markets were up today by 11 points the sensex being27020 and the Nifty by 6 points being 8273. The mid cap stocks performing very well and the oil going high. Gold is high and stocks are high. Today stocks are quoting high. All the three categories are  doing well. This is not a avery good sign.  The Economy is doing quite well and is robust this is why stocks are leading. Oil moving up might be temporary, due to various forms of energy like solar, windpower taking precedence. Shale gas also is plentifully available. Hope investors dont put their money in oil . But due to the shift of preference all over the world to public transport like metro, buses and shared cabs like ola and uber oil might be not much in demand.So, shares might continue their upward rally. The investors are not entering markets they will enter only when they think they have missed the bus. It is better to buy stocks at lower levels and book profits at higher levels. Infrastructure stocks seem to be good, as a lot of Make in India activity is taking place. Stocks of all activities like tyre, pharma, food processing, cement, textiles are doing well. One should carefully pick stocks that are doung well .