Markets ended flat today, with the sensex up by 17 points touching 27714 and the Nifty ended 6 points high ended at 8551. GST bill was passed which was much awaited bill. Capital goods and vehicle manufacturing vehicles ended high . Market is still digesting the GST bill, which it does not know what effect it will have on which sector?Investors are still digesting the bill. GST means there will be uniform taxation all over the country were it will truly be one Nation same rate. The GDP is expected to go up and manufacturing will get a fillip as the taxation will be the same all over. Wether we have GST or not the markets depend on performance of companies. With GST many states which had different tax rates will have the same tax structure, and companies with good performance wherever situated will have the same advantage in tax accept for local conditins and intellectual capital Eg,, Softwafare is big in Bangalore due to availability of a lot of computer engineers, similarly chemical Industries in Gujarat is popular.  On the whole markets are good, and it is good to enter markets when they are in a correction mode and sell when the pricing is good. HAPPY TRADING AND INVESTING.