Hello all and a Good Evening to all of you. The US Fed has not hiked interest rates and that led to an increase in share prices.The 30 share sensex was up by 265.71 points and the Nifty was up by 90.3 points the sensex was at 28773.13 and the Nifty was 8867.45. The oil and gas and banking stocks were up today. On the BSE out of the total 3146 shares traded advances were 1794 and declines was 1106. the remaining were unchanged.The good news is it is assumed that even next year fed rates will not be hiked and the monsoon is likely to be good till September end. Personally I think Kashmir might be a flashpoint, and internally the inter state water disputes have to be resolved. Companies dealing with water will do well like wabag, companies which sell consumable products might do well. Book profits periodically and accumulate worthy stocks which one will know by trading. Happy Trading and Investing.