The BSE Sensex was up by 27 points reaching 28929 and the Nifty  up by 2 points reaching 8927. The elections results are due on 11th Saturday, the markets expect the BJP to win in UP, Manipur, Uttarkand so the markets are steady. If the BJP results are good the markets will be at status quo, and if it looses it is a buying opportunity for markets as markets are expected to go down if BJP looses. Kotak Bank has sold some stake to a Canadian pension fund , which shows interest in private sector Banks. Private Banks are doing well. City Union Bank a Kumbakonam based bank is inr 137/ this stock has risen from inr 30 to inr above 145 in a matter of 3 years. It has come down now, which can be accumulated.

Aditya Birla Retail And Fashions which is around 145/ can also be bought. Markets seem to be tired of going up, as the prices are under strain. The markets are a little confused with the election results awaited  and a FED meeting next week.