Today, the 11th of August, Friday the markets came down.The Nifty was down by 109 points falling to 9711 and the Bse sensex was down by 318 points falling to 31213.  The fiscal position seems to be very bad the Central Bank is paying the lowest dividend of $ 4.6 Billion to Government  the lowest in five years.  The results of corporates the 1st quarter are not very encouraging.   When interest rates are cut it shows that more consumption has to be induced into the system. The interest rates are cut now, so the consumption is less which translates into lower production and lower profits.

A lot of reasons are atributed for the market going down, like the Geo political factors like the North Korea and the US stand off, the hostility of China towards India. The markets had a Bull run for a unprecedented long haul and now the Bulls are tired which is leading to a lot of unwinding of positions or profit booking. It will take a long time for the markets to recover. HAPPY TRADING AND INVESTMENT.