Hello Everyone, I hope all of you are doing well . The spirits of the Market is calm and not much of excitement, except with few swings this week and last week. There are also swings of ups and downs in a day.

The undertone of the Market continues to be bullish with positive net inflows,and a fairly good earnings season. Fii inflows were subdued and there was a fairly good earnings season, but there were not much outflows.Usually if there is a FII selling in debt market it is good for the Equity Market but, the selling by FIIs in debt market has been insignificant. Another reason favouring Markets is recovery in rainfall. But, second half Monsoon is yet to be seen and the good thing is oil prices are sliding.

The bad news is Steel giant Tata Steel suffered a quarterly loss, which shows manufacturing and infrastructure sector has to pick up because these are large consumers of steel. FMCG stocks are up, they are usually so in a sluggish market like this. Such stocks are called defensive stocks. Bank Stocks have fallen the reason I suspect is, the sacking of Syndicate Bank Chairman were scandals might have happened in other Public Sector Banks. Capital Goods and mining stocks are also bad, which shows economy has to pick up yet.

Industrial growth slowed down to 3.4% YOY in June 2014 from annual 5% in May 2014.Advances were 745 shares and declines were 2041 shares. Markets will be range bound ie they are good for trading. HAPPY INVESTING AND TRADING.