Hello all, Markets were up today. Markets had reacted on Tuesday ie on 16th of September because of the fear that the Federal Reserve might raise Interest rates and the bad show by the BJP in the recent bye-Elections. But, I personally feel it is a reaction for the continuous uptrend we have had for a pretty long time.


But today, the Markets bounced back. The Federal Reserve,might not raise interest rates till june 2015 this is the opinion of the press.Markets are likely to rally furthur as a significant fall in inflation is seen next year according to JP Morgan. The Market Breadth was higher with 1532 shares advanced while 1483 shares declined. The Peoples Bank Of China has injected $ 500 billion in its bigger 5 Banks, which has led to a firm trend in Asia. Which is not good in the long run.

Lot of public issues are hitting the Markets which depicts a healthy trend. HAPPY TRADING AND INVESTING.