MUHURAT is there today, with the markets on a joy the whole of this week, and the sweep by Modi at Maharashtra and Harayana elections markets are bristling with joy. All Markets in Europe and Asia are down. This might be a deterring factor. Corporate results of the 2nd quarter are good except for Wipro. This is an encouraging factor. The mood is cheerful. Economies all over are less dependent on Fossillised fuel and are using non conventional energy which is savin a lot of money. Crude going down is a very good aspect for the economy. With the deregulation of petrol and diesel oil marketing and exploration  companies have to be careful as their income will be aligned to the market rates. So, the profits depend upon the sales and volumes of crude sold. The political situation all over is good except with the threath of ISIS which is to be seen Otherwise it is better to be booking profits at regular intervals.