Today the Market went up.But markets were more or less steady this week. The US fed Reserve Chairman has mentioned that the stimulus will go on and not end for the US Economy. So, as a reaction Wall Street has gone up and other Markets have followed suit. This is an artificial boost the US is a bubble, it is living not on actual production but on printing of money or Government support to the Economy. The Railway budget was a disappointment to the Market, so many Rail stocks came down. Tata Steel has posted good results but stock came down, because of debt in the company. Tata Motors also did well with only JLR a subsidiary of Tata Motors doing well. Now, is the quarterly earning season, with most stocks posting good results. So, it is safer to trade in stocks due to uncertain environment due to the upcoming elections. Investments can be done in Agriculture related stocks, Fashion products manufacturing companies which defy the regular economic crisis.