Today Markets went up, due to short covering the other reasons are, the rate hike being deferred by the US, this not only sparked Indian markets  but other International markets. The rupee bounced up and crude oil went up which had gone to the bottom . Markets had corrected themselves going down a lot, this led to another correction of going up thus leading to a higher sensex. This is a technical market and much need not be worried about now.  It is an aberration as these swings will always happen and what has happened is a healthy one.

The fundamentals are very good and the quarterly results of December has to be seen. December is usually a dull season as the FII s have gone on vacation.So, the markets are good in the long run. Short term markets are to be ignored but, the long term is very good. So, stay invested and take advantage of the short term rallies. HAPPY INVESTMENT AND TRADING.