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The year is coming to an end today, from tomorrow is the new year 2015. Let me wish you all A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR. 2014 was an eventful year for the Markets with the sensex and Nifty zooming to new highs with the Modi factor and a comfortable International situation. Markets might unfold well in the year 2015.

The fall in crude prices has been a very good thing for the markets, which has helped economies like India. The interest rates are expected to be cut which can lead to a high credit growth.The BSE sensex is the best performing among the worlds biggest markets after China. Analysts have cut the sensex growth rate by 1% for the year ending March 2016. Foreign Investors have sold $ 249 million in December, paring this years inflow to $ 16 billion. A global sell off is expected in 2016 according to Bloomberg.

Coming back to India the markets have slowed down a little due to the ending of the Honey moon period of Modi. Expectations are too high so the Markets were euphoric in these months since May. Markets are expected to be good but the valuations will not be as high as 2014 as most shares had gone up to good levels.  Many stocks have to be seen in the regional perspective. For example, hair oil which was considered a dead product some time back is still going strong. So, investors are to be aware of the strong demand for products in our region. Ex.. Newspaper is dying in western countries thereby no demand for newsprint, but its demand is still more in India. On the whole markets are expected to perform better, as conditions look positive after the recession. HAPPY TRADING AND INVESTING.