Hello all, the winter is still there, but markets are hot. Today markets were up, there might be corrections in between but the overall sentiment remains positive. Shares of logistics companies might do well because of the boom in e-commerce and general improvement in manufacturing and finished good required to be transported to the customer. Eg.. Gati, Snowman Logistics.

Private Banks seem to do well, as bad loans will be less in future. Banks will see a growth of 13% to 15% P.A.once the capex cycle picks up it will grow furthur. Oil prices will remain low for sometime according to OPEC Secy General, which is good for the Stock Market. Markets seem to be in bullish zone. Factors to watch out are theISIS situation in Iraq were the President of US has taken an approval from Congress for US military intervention.Delhi Elections are also a factor to watch out. HAPPY INVESTING AND TRADING.