Hello wish all my readers a HAPPY HOLI in advance. Markets were good throughout this week. IT Stocks have taken a back seat today FMCG  improved. The strong rupee has weakened IT Stocks, as most IT services are exported. FMCG sector has been in demand, because of good foreign inflow. Inflation is a bit down but, Industrial Production data is also negative. Despite a weak Asia Market our Markets have been good mainly due to Foreign buying. A lot of B group shares have moved up which is a sign of a boom Market. Markets have entered a Bull phase, resulting in high prices. It is better to trade carefully in B group shares, before trading in them,the volume has to be checked and the figures or performance of the Company has to be thoroughly examined. It is better to stick to stocks we understand. Falling of Markets seem to be unlikely, corrections might happen sometimes steep, but will bounce back.  HAPPY INVESTING & TRADING. Let us all have a colorful market year ahead.