Today markets went up by, 240 points to 28020 in the BSE and the NSE went up by84 points to 8453. The main news is the Greek Prime Minister has agreed to the conditions with minor changes for rescheduling their debt. This has perked up the markets. The Foreign inflow has started with the domestic investors participating. With a lot of new issues hitting the market it has given cheers to investors , imposing confidence in stock market. The markets have become news driven, and it is used to pull down or pull up markets.   Sceptics like our RBI Governor say that there will be a Great Depression combined with the Greek crisis. There is a contrary opinion that, Greece is a very small place of no significance. So, it will not effect the stock market. But, it is also said that there will be a contagious effect on other European countries, which is most likely. We export a lot of Auto components to Europe so it has to be watched. The Annual results and the fourth quarter results have been bad, thats the reason markets were bad for sometime.

The encouraging thing is there is no policy paralysis and policies are taking place now.An active Government is good for Markets. The best thing to do is be stock specific and observe its movements. As, a good stock will have a temporary effect whichever direction market moves.Be cautious and trade. HAPPY INVESTING AND TRADING.