Good Evening and wish you all a Happy Dussera. Markets are flat with not much movement in fact today, the sensex was down by 19 points to 27287 and the Nifty down by 10 points to 8251. China had a bad trading day falling down to low levels. The results season of the second quarter are out so, the markets are uncertain about its movements.

The Government is curtailing black money, so the circulation in the market is less. This will pep up the stock markets as the markets cannot accept unaccounted money and it is transparent. By curbing the parallel Economy money will flow into liquid assets like stocks, more money flowing into stocks will pep up the markets. If the Economy is healthy it is good for the markets. Results impact is yet to be seen which will give a clear signal for the Markets to move. The markets have been positive for a long time and the reactions have been very mild. It is better to concentrate on individual stocks rather the markets. IT stocks have given good results including Wipro which came in the evening.HAPPY TRADING AND INVESTING.