The BSE sensex was  down by 37 points to 26553 and the Nifty was down 20  points to 8040.

The markets have given away the gains of the last two days. The European Markets were up but, our markets with a positive opening and sustainence throughout declined marginally at the end. Tata Motors went up due to the increase in Jaguar sales. The Bihar elections results seem to be positive for the BJP, the market is awaiting the results which will come on Sunday the 8th of this month. The opinion in the market is the results if negative will have only a short term impact and Corporate results will be the main deciding factor for Markets. The corporate results which have come till now, seem to be fairly good. This is a fairly good sign. It is good to periodically book profits and enter at declines.  Real Estate is down so money may flow into markets giving a boost to Equities.