The Markets reacted very sharply due to the Paris attacks, but recovered fast . The markets have not panicked but the fall is more due to the nervousness of Paris incident. The European markets are also weak due to the Paris incident.

The medium to long term trend seem to be good.The markets fell today the BSE Sensex by 381 points to 25482 and the Nifty fell by 105 points to 7731.Back home in India markets were weak following International cues but, individual stocks have been giving good returns.IT and Banking stocks were major losers, the Indian Government has approved divesting 10% in Coal India. The main reason for the markets to be down is Foreign investments have not been coming in, this year due to subdued quarterly results, and a possible rate hike by the FED.According to reports much need not be feared about rate hikes , as markets have time to adjust as the Bihar Election results proved the point.Fii inflows in the entire year 2014 was Rs 98177.9 crores and the first 10 months of 2015 it has been Rs.25191 crores.

Ram Deo Aggarwal of Motilal Oswal Financial services expects $20 to 25 Billion per annum to come in.Most countries have their own set of problems as they are dependent on the Commodities they have as, commodities prices have come down due to less demand it is good for India. Eg.. India imports 80% of its oil requirement were oil prices have dropped 60% since June last year to near $40 a barrel which has helped India economically.


Month end AUM rose by 5% or 1.37 lakh crore to 13.24 lakh crore the highest in the Industry according to Mutual Fund sources.  HAPPY TRADING AND INVESTMENT.