Markets were down today the sensex was down by 100 points at 23962 and the Nifty by 32 points at 7276. The sensex came down below the pshycological 24000 mark. A lot of issues are bothering the market like the oil crisis which has reached absymmal low levels and the China economy is in doldrums and their markets are very weak. The budget is one issue the market is looking at and the corporate results which are coming in. The results are not much encouraging so the markets are down. The buying activity is less in the market and so no money in stock market, the lack of support to equity is pulling market down.But the valuations are very cheap, and stocks are available at dead cheap levels than their actual worth. So, its a time to buy stocks at dead cheap valuations than entering later. A lot of talk is going on in sugar and infrastructure stocks, a careful eveluation has to be made in these stocks and purchase them, it is better to book profits periodically than investing for long term.HAPPY TRADING AND INVESTING.