Markets ended down 450 points at 31922.44 points and the Nifty ended at 9964.40 down by 157.50 ¬†points. The reason being North Korea’s Hydrogen Bomb threat. The main reason might be the markets have gone up continuously over the past few months without a break. It might be Bull fatigue, Bull offloading we call it which leads to fall in share prices. Many shares, which had hit high levels for sometime have come down giving chance to buy back good shares that have been sold,

Markets are cooling down due to the continuous run up for a long time. Though North Korea threat is there for a long time it is the main reason attributed for the fall in share prices. All companies across all segments have fallen down, dragging down the indices after a long time. One who is considering to enter the markets should carefully weigh his options as markets are uncertain at this point of time.