Today the Nifty was down by 23 points at 10957, and the sensex was down by 22 points at 36351. Totally 1783 shares declined 1394 shares unchanged, and 825 shares advanced. All over the markets seem to lack excitement. Participation is good among domestic institutions, domestic investors bought 2950 crores, and sold 2480 crores.

While, Fiis bought 3480 crores and sold 3796 crores. This shows, the domestic funds are buying more while Foreigners are selling. Interest in Indian markets seem to be waning at present. The main reason today, for the downfall or weak market is. The vote of No Confidence, to be put to debate on Friday the 19th of July. Though, the chances of the Government being defeated is remote markets dont like nervousness. As the basket of trades are narrow markets are dull.