Markets went up. It has moved up due to a heavy oversold position. The Economy has improved and the general feeling is business is doing well. The ease of doing business has improved. It is said that, the circulation of money, is low in the markets. This might be due to the fact that, unaccounted money is not there. Business is taking place, in money that is shown in accounts, and it is shown in the books of accounts. The stock markets, like the issue that business is clean, and the actual money is shown in the economy.This issue of money actually in the system, and unaccounted money is out of the system improves the stock market and it is now the barometer of the economy.

Coming back to the practical activity auto stocks seem to be in favour, along with IT. FMCG in my opinion will do well as there is always a constant demand for their products. Stocks like Ashok Leyland, Eicher Motors which concentrate on utility vehicles will certainly do well. Public Transport is going to be the important means of transport, so buses will be in demand. Ashok Leyland makes buses, so watch out for it. Dabur has done well it is around inr 406 now it was inr 391, on 31/10/2019.