Markets were up today, the global indices are good. Marico is a stock worth buying .It is quoting at inr 383/ at close of trading hours. The maker of parachute hair oil, a large selling daily consumable. It has got small sachets too, of re1/ each. the range is from re1/ sachets to big bottles. This huge range makes it a good product selling company. The brand is available in all department stores and shops. It is widely used  by all age groups, the scrip is traded for a long time.It was inr 121/ in 2010 giving an appreciation of 27.06% per year, ie a rise of 216.52%in 8years.

The company is managed by sound management, Harish Mariwala heads the company as Chairman. There is no reason for the product to go out of fashion, as coconut oil is used by all and it being a branded product, the demand is consistent.