The markets were up today, the Nifty was action packed swinging between 9975 points to 9915.25 closing at 9915 up by 41 points, the sensex was up by 124 points at 32028. The market feels that, it is better to be careful if nifty reaches 10000 points as it seems to be over valued.This sort of fluctuation is normal in consolidation phase.

It has been an action packed week for the markets, with the 1st quarterly results coming through, which seem to be mixed. Today was the AGM of Reliance Industries, which announced a bonus issue of 1:1, around 2lakh crore investors wealth has been added since JIO was launched. Balaji Tele films soared 8% after Reliance picks up 25% stake for 413 crores. The 1st quarter results have to be closely watched to trade in the markets. Better be careful with mid cap stocks in these conditions.Happy Trading and Investing.