Markets are down, may be because the rise in fuel prices and the election results of Karnataka, ie no majority to any party. Karnataka is heading for a coalition Government, giving rise to the rise of the third front and doubts about Modi getting elected again in 2019. Though the opinion about re election is far fetched it is one of the reasons for market to come down. The main reason is crude increasing. As of now the demand for crude might be coming down due to the metro being introduced in many cities, and the car sharing being adapted in many cities. The oil consumption might have come down due to these issues. I personally think the oil marketing countries have artificially increased the prices of oil to compensate the low oftake of oil. The rise of crude oil or oil will have an effect on the Economy as a lot of money is spent on procuring oil. With the rise in crude, shares come down indicating nervousness in the minds of investors. Less participation from investors, will push down prices of stocks. That is why stocks are down. Views expressed here are personal and not sourced from anywhere.