The markets were flattish today. The Nifty was down by 19 points at 10614 and the sensex was down by 43 points at 34906. The global markets tend to be weak. Participation from institutions andĀ individuals, seem to be very low. The global markets are weak, as there is no definite thing happening in the Trade wars between USA and China. Italy elections the ruling party has lost. They will remain in the Euro, Italy does not have a currency of its own. The weakening European countries will drag down the European Union thereby, bringing down Stock Market.A spate of elections from now till 2019, when Indian union elections are due. Madhya Pradesh Indias most populous state, the elections are due shortly. So, the election uncertainty will keep away investors from Market.

Pidilite and City Union Bank, are doing well with good volumes despite falling market.One has to be very careful in selecting good stocks.