The Market was flat today, the Nifty was up 4 points at 9934, and the Sensex was up by 24 points 31687. Mid caps were down and not much of interest is their in trading of market today. Many are of the opinion that, it is better to book profits atlest partially . Stocks are going up in a selective nature. Today’s announcement that electric cars will be made mandatory in some time. This law will be a blow for the conventional cars, and automobile stocks are to be watched carefully. A lot of funds are flush with money and they are investing into the market this is pushing up the prices of stocks. But, there is an element of fatigue were the market gets tired, and it starts falling down.

The stocks to be watched are Private Banks, Non Banking Financial companies. Another aspect to be cautious is, the statement by the Former RBI Governor Mr. Raghuram Raja stating that while the world Economy is improving India growth is down, and such high liquidity in the markets is surprising.