Markets were rangebound, not much of gains or losses.Nifty was up by 2 points at 15692 and sensex was down by 13 points at 52372. The markets are stable but not much interest is shown in buying stocks. You see neither a buying pressure or a selling pressure. Basically interest has come down among investors, that is why you see a slight movement in the indices.Ujjivan financial services was at buy freeze ie single upward movement at 244.80.We had purchases at inr212/ on 5th April 2021′. Basically cement stocks and banking stocks will do well, as banking funds will be required for people and interest rates are low, and cement for infrastructure development, demand will be there.Heidelberg cement was purchased at inr255/ on 12th of march 3rd June 2021. today it reached a high of inr266/ and closed at inr260/ As they say good stocks are good stocks. A situation has come any stock you pick up, it is bound to do well. But, that cant remain forever, market forces will react and the market is in trading range now.Meet you next Mondy.