Markets were mixed today, with the Nifty going down by 20.80 points at 10323 and the sensex going up by 10.09 points at 33157.22. Markets have held on following Global cues which are also flat. Most of the corporate results are out, and this has held up the prices. Results have been good.

Trading and funds pump in have taken precedence in the Market. Fundamentally good companies are doing well but some stocks are over valued. The correction is taking place but minor in nature. Companies like Heidelberg Cements, have done well were the price touched 150 plus, being buying freeze.Maruti Suzuki also has performed well were September Quarter earnings have surpassed analyst expectations.Both companies have performed well in September quarter. A lot of domestic funds are being pumped into the Market pushing up prices. It is better to book profits periodically and be extra careful, while trading and investing. The Bharath Mala project worth INR 7lakh crore and the INR 2.11 lakh crore bank capitalisation  have given a fillip to the Stock Markets. HAPPY TRADING AND INVESTING.