Markets were up today, the sensex up by 112.34 points moving to 33,685.56 and the Nifty up by 28.70 points moving to 10,452.50. The market has had a continuous running spree. The main reason being the World Bank ranking of India which moved from the 133rd place to 103rd place moving 30 places.

This has given more confidence to Investors, the corporate results have been good for the second quarter. Sundaram Fasteners which is quoting at INR 500 which we are following up below inr 60/ is a good scrip. Sundaram Fasteners are preparing for the Electric revolution which makes it a better company, whose results have been good. Industry is of the opinion that positive effects of GST will be visible once teething issues are sorted out. This, will result in a positive market. ITC quoting at inr 265.40 can be a good buy, it is entering into branded fresh fruits and vegetables., the ITC company is also into others categories like Hotels, FMCG, consumables apart from cigarettes. The price of ITC has to be studied before entering.

The shortage of coal might result is less aluminium production. If coal is not there production of aluminium has to be stopped for months and this in turn effect Bank increase. On the whole markets are on an upward swing, but it is always better to book profits periodically. Happy Investment and Trading.