Markets have been on a upswing, accept for a few trading sessions, were it was down by a few points. Today marks 3 years of Modi administration and markets celebreated it by the sensex going to an all time high of 31028 a rise of 278 points, an all time high and the Nifty touching 9595 up by 85 points.

The results have been quite ok and the capital put in by domestic investors are high. The bombing of Pakistani territory in the Nowshera sector did not deter the markets and it is rising in good stead. Retail Investors are being very careful and the overbuying positions are not taking place inspite of markets going up to very high levels. Mid cap stocks do react and some weakness is shown but, they do recover fast. Most of the stocks going up are good. Tata Motors which we had mentioned sometime back has shown good results and the price of the share has risen, due to the good performance of its  Jaguar cars. The paint sector is doing quite well due to a fall in petroleum prices. There is a talk that petrol run and diesel run cars might be abandoned and electric cars might take over completely. So, in the long run one has to be careful about auto stocks though Tata Motors seems to be a good buy. A golden rule book partial profits periodically and keep some stocks try to buy stocks of few companies, book profits and retain some quantity if you find these stocks to be good.