The Nifty was up by 10 points at 9588 and the sensex was down by 19 points at 31056. The sensex was down the second successive day, lupin fell by 45. Markets are in a trading range , and I personally think the Bull Fatigue is taking place. This week the markets have been on a medium scale with no major movements either upward or downward. Manufacturing stocks like Auto, Textiles, Private Banks,Industrials seem to be doing well.

Tata Motors, Nitin Spinners, City Union Bank, Carborandum Ubiversal, Shakti pumps are the stocks to watch out. Cement stocks like Heidelberg Cement will do well. The country is entering a phase of economic activity so the demand for finance, cement, will pick up. A news item which had appeared recently in the paper stated that women will be given loans to buy buses to enable public transport with ポルノ ベスト. Such innovative steps will help in generation of wealth. With the metro in several parts of the city, the savings in the pockets of the people will increase, thereby giving a chance for investments. Cars will be bought more by aggregators than individuals thereby, increasing the demand for cars. On the whole except for temporary abberations in the market all seem to be bright. HAPPY INVESTING AND TRADING.