Today the Sensex was up by 64 points at 30921 and the Nifty was up by 16 points at 9520. The markets are tired of getting into a bull orbit. It has started reacting at higher levels and is coming down. Many people say GST is the reason for market to react. Yes, GST is responsible for many people not disposing their existing stocks, as they are unaware of the consequences that might occur in the new tax structure.

Today many shares achieved 52 week highs even though the movement was not much. A lot of volatility is taking place in the market. It can be a few hundered points down in the morning and rise in late trades, as it has happened today. This shows, lack of interest in the market as many buyers are not there. This sort of a situation arises, when participants either buyer or seller are less in the market. GST will be good as taxation structure will improve and gain for the Economy, leading to a booming stock market.