Markets were up today the BSE by 236 points touching 27002.22 and the NSE by 66.75 points touching 8270.45. Markets have gone up taking a cue from Europe thinking that Britain will not exit from the European union and it will win the vote by a slender margin. If Britain exits from the European union it will be a sort of  Advantage for India as it can negotiate rates cheaper like oil as countries in Europe will be independent to do so. If Britain exits from the union it will be bad for Britain as most of its trade will be hurt. The politicians of Britain are very much for staying in the European Union, so we have sometime to see the results. Conditions in India are fundamentally good but technically lot of selling is taking place. This selling has cooled down the markets.Stocks that we sold have gone up but are cooling down right now, which gives a buying opportunity. HAPPY TRADING AND INVESTING .