Hai, the weather in Bangalore is cold but luckily markets are warm, the Sensex was up by 259 points going to 26999 and the Nifty was up by 83 points going to 8287. Today was the end of F&O session for June period. Markets were up defying Brexit and Economy has taken precedence over events. India should not get excited and the maturity is shown, by retail investors who have not gone on a buying spree neither a selling spree. What happenedĀ  to the Brexit event was a knee jerk reaction. Many sector shares have gone up and if one is alert there is a pot of gold to be made. A lot of manufacturing is taking place in India, so it is spurring a lot of Economic activity which is good for markets. The recent pay commission hikes will spur a lot of demand among people which will lead to greater sales for companies.HAPPY TRADING AND INVESTING.