Hello. everybody. The weather in Bangalore is becoming hotter and the stocks are also heating up. The stocks heating up is a good sign as the money is being made. IT stocks and Private sector Banks have gained as, the NPA’s in Private Banks are less, Government Banks have performed ok. The results of Government Banks have been bad but, prices of these shares have been stable due to the Euphoria in Stock Market. Great care has to be taken while buying such stocks, as the bad results might result in shares falling down.

Dipen Mehtha of HDFC securities  says big money has started flowing into domestic mutual funds. Defence stocks rallied due to the Prime Ministers push for the sector. Eg.. Beml, Astra Microwave and BEML. with the preference given to made in India products. Adavances of shares outnumbered declines today by 1605:1305 The good news from Europe is Greece gaining as they are submitting a loan request to Eurozone.It is difficult to buy Investment stocks right now and only stocks can be bought for trading. FMCG stocks have performed well. These stocks are defensive and can be bought for long term also at corrections. HAPPY INVESTING AND TRADING.