The market ended lower today the sensex falling by 23 points to 26813 and the Nifty by 4 points to 8130, there is a fall in the market since wednesday  the 3rd of June 2015, there has been a free fall since then. the RBI cut interest rates in its credit policy on 2nd June 2015. Ever since then the markets are in a tailspin due to the selling pressure from Institutions. The Governor also stated that a draught will be there if the Monsoons fail, the MET department has stated that there will be a failure of Monsoons this time which will lead to draught like situation. This will lead to less buying power specially for FMCG commodities leading to fall in sales which in turn will lead to fall in Stock prices. The rate cut were not in line with Market Expectations. With the Governor stating that the Monsoons will be bad this time effecting the Economy selling has taken place. The quarterly results have been very bad which again has beaten down Market sentiments. Any buying has to be done carefully with long term prospects in mind. HAPPY TRADING AND INVESTING.