Markets were up today,the BSE was up by 359 points going to 26840 and the NSE was up by 102 points going to 8124.It is basically the small and mid cap stocks that are moving up. If you observe the index from the past week we see, a revival in some stocks. it shows that, there is a buying taking place in some stocks.That is why we see, some mid cap stocks and small cap stocks moving up. The FMCG stocks have not moved up, may be due to a pessimistic feeling of monsoons. Monsoons, have started a right time in Kerala, but it must continue to do so. Sugar companies moved up due to a Rs 6000 crore package given to them. There is a lot of buying taking place in Mutual Funds, which is one of the reasons for the Markets to move up. Markets were beaten down for a long time as the expected failure of Monsoons and a news of a draught like situation is prevalent in the country. A lot of liquidation has taken place probably because of the position build up in the last year. Markets of the US have improved due to their improvement. Greece is still a crisis which has not got out of the mess yet. The quarterly results of companies are not that good improvement has to come from that quarters. We had a continuous run up in 2014 so, we are having a downward trend now.So, it is natural for the markets to correct itself which is happening now. One should be very selective while trading or investing now. HAPPY INVESTING AND TRADING.