The markets were up today the NSE up by 50 points reaching 7751 and the bse up by 174 points going to 25494. Everybody is looking at the fed were a rate hike is happening after a long time. Today Auto stocks were in action as Diesel vehicles are going to be banned in Delhi and the National Capital Region so stocks like Mahindra and Mahindra bore the brunt. The increase in FED rates will make the Indian Currency stable according to Riddham Desai. The fund inflow into the markets is quite low so the action in markets is very low.

A difficult market to trade stocks have moved up because they had gone down a lot its only trading taking place. Otherwise nothing much to comment. With the Climate change debate going on in Paris a lot of companies will be effected. Non conventional energy companies and companies which dont produce much carbon footprint will do well and companies which are dependent on fossil fuels and produce much pollution will be effected. Tommorrow I will give those companies names.Bye HAPPY TRADING AND INVESTING.