Due to unavoidable events I could not publish my letter last Wednesday or Thursday my apologies for that. Today the markets were down the third day of the week.The BSE sensex was down by 174 points at 25406 and the Nifty was down by 46 points at 7741.The political tensions in the middle east between Saudi Arabia and Iran got the prices of oil down and the markets were jittery and nervous. The tension caused by North Korea by it exploding its hydrogen bomb has also caused tension in Markets, European markets fell and Indian markets too fell. Many shares are coming down due to the uncertain conditions prevailing all over, with next week the earnings season starting.

China has closed its markets due to the recessionary conditions there, and this also has effected other markets because China, is the main consumer of goods and also the exporter. If China is not able to export it means there are recessionary conditions. The good thing is India is having mou s with Foreign companies. Premier Explosives has an mou with an Isreli company which is an example of good business taking place.Be into particular stocks than markets. HAPPY INVESTING AND TRADING.