The sensex fell by 231.66 points to 37637.57 and Nifty fell by 53.41 points to 16157.37. The markets had gone up for the last few days, so they have taken a breather and the bears took charge.  The Indian rupee was very weak it hit an all time low of 69.62 against the US dollar. The Turkish Lira is also very weak. These were one of the main reasons for the markets to fall.

Today many negatives were in the markets. Usually when markets fall people come out with all sort of theories. Now, suddenly experts were concerned about Elections around the corner.It is better for investors to look into stocks than, look at the sensex. Good stocks can be bought always. Jyothi Labs is quoting at 221/today it is a good stock. The products it manufactures, and Fabricare a clothes SPA they run is good. The company is running in profit, both quarterly and yearly. A recommendation was made at inr 219/, to buy the stock and it is now quoting at 221/ It was recommended on 30/07/2018. It has been between 219 and 224 for this long. A lot of money can be made if one is careful.