Markets were on a roll today,the Nifty was at 11692, up by 135 points and   the sensex was up by 442 points at 38694. the sensex was a record high of 400 points the Nifty ended just below 11700. On the BSE out of the total shares traded ie 2934, 1432 shares advanced, 1294 declined and 208 shares were unchanged.


The statistics is alarming as almost all shares have risen, this shows a buying craze in the market, were the euphoria to buy stocks set in. This trend is dangerous, as people just buy stocks irrespective of the performance. It is a good time to sell stocks if profits are made. Shares like Dabur, Hind Unilever, Jyothi Labs, will be good as these are good FMCG stocks. Jyothi labs is down, because of the effect of rains of its factories in Kerala. It will take sometime to recover, may be Jyothi Labs will have loses or less profits next quarter, due to unforseen circumstances. A Bull fatigue might set in and there are a spate of elections which will effect the market.